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Fun Cushions - The original tailor made cushions

Upgrade your décor to personalised cushions!

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Decorating your house is more than just appearances. It must be functional too. Most decorative pieces add a lot of beauty but don’t serve any purpose in the house.
Say hello to personalised cushions to serve both purposes. As well as adding charm to the place, they can also be used to support your head, neck or back.
The myth that cushions belong only to the bedroom is long gone. Cushions can be used on the couch in the hall as well.
Cushions need not be the same boring ones with mostly floral prints, with personalised cushions you can add anything that you wish to. It can be a photo of you and your loved ones, or it could be quotes to set the vibe of the place. If you want to get creative, your cushions can even tell a story.
These personalised cushions are not just beautiful. They are comfortable too. They have foam or cotton fibre inside to make them fluffy and soft. The outside may have fur if you wish it or a decorative fabric to enhance the image.
Choose the colour options for the cushions to match with your existing colour palette. If the cushions stand out too much with contrasting colours, they may not gel in perfectly with your overall décor.

At the end of the day, it is your house and your décor and you go as wild or subtle as you like. We are just here to deliver to you what your heart truly desires.