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Personalised Remembrance Cushions by Fun Cushions

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Fun Cushions creates gifts that are cherished by your loved ones. But for someone who has lost a loved one, a remembrance cushion could be a beautiful way to remember them. A personalised remembrance cushion is the perfect way for the entire family to have a keepsake that they can cherish for the rest of their lives, offering a welcome reminder of the special memories and good times they enjoyed together.

At Fun Cushions, we take pride in offering remembrance cushions that we know will be a keepsake and a part ofyour family for years to come. They are crafted with great care and attention to the finest details so that they last a long time. You can add a picture or a personalised message and design it to your liking. If you need some help with the design we are always ready to share ideas with you. Browse our website to have a look at some of the available designs.