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Personalised Cushions Make Thoughtful Keepsakes

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Why are keepsakes important? Because they are thoughtful and made with love! They can make a person feel connected to the past and the future. Be it a toddler’s first doodle turned into a gift or a valuable family heirloom or crest - these are gifts that are cherished.
Several options make great keepsakes or momentoes. A clock or calendar with pictures and memorable events, a scrapbook full of memories, or personalised gift items are just some.
We, at Fun Cushions, believe that cushions make the best and most memorable keepsakes. You can surprise your a loved one by turning a memory into a uniquely designed custom cushion. Each cushion created by us holds a special meaning to the receiver. The design could be anything, from a couple’s wedding card to a child’s drawing or note. A cushion can make one of the most precious pieces of personal history.
We have a lovely collection at Fun Cushions. With personalised images and messages that will touch the heart, you can create any design that your loved one will cherish for a long time. Our cushions are hand made with great quality fabrics and creative designs.
Please browse our website or get in touch with us for inspiration. You can modify the design to create your cushion with a personal choice of fabric, colours, and words. Alternatively, you can just forward a custom design, and we will replicate it on to a cushion for you.