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Personalised Cushion makes a memorable gift

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Are you looking a special something for your special someone? A unique and meaningful? A personalized gift will definitely mean more than buying a more general gift. Personalized cushions are a fun and interesting gift option for different occasions. You can customize your design, giving you complete freedom to create something unique.
Browse through our website to get an idea of how to go about it. We have a hosts of design options to help get you started. You can also get in touch with us any time over the phone for some help or added inspiration. The size can be customized as required too and there is absolutely no compromise on the quality.
We offer a wonderful range of wedding cushions where we embroider the wedding invitation onto a cushion to provide a memorable memento of a wedding occasion that serves as a fabulous weding gift for the married couple or the wedding participants.
Browse our cushions website for our latest ideas. We have options for children, grand parents, newlyweds, family, teachers and more.