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Fun Cushions - The original tailor made cushions

Personalised Baby Cushions

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We swear by personalised gifts! Why wouldn’t we? These are the best keepsakes that you could possess! And after having a look at some of our previous creations, you will believe it too!

If you are looking for unique gift options for a new baby girl or boy, our personalised baby cushions will certainly make the perfect gift for a christening, newborn baby gift, birthday or Christmas. Stylish and personalised, they are guaranteed to be a popular gift!

Apart from being fabulous gifts, these are also super comfortable and perfect for nap time, making them a great addition to a cot or bed. Their comfortable and lightweight nature means they’re a fantastic option to take with you during travel as well.

Choose from the available designs that we have in store for you and add in some more personal details or a special picture or message to make it even more awesome!

Check out our designs to get inspired!