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Customised Wedding Invites

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Wedding trends these days have become so dynamic and creative. From highly visual Save-the-Dates or QR codes on wedding cards to personal websites and Instagram handles, wedding trends have seen a complete makeover over the past few years. These trends are just bound to evolve even more with time as couples are shifting from ultra-formal invites to something more quirky, innovative and interesting.

If you are planning a wedding and want something a little more exciting than a traditional invite, we can help! At Fun Cushions we offer personal, customised cushions which can be created to honour any special occasion. From wedding invites and baby pictures to anniversary and graduation celebrations, we have got a customised cushion for everything! A fantastic example are these innovative wedding invitation cushions we recently created for a client of ours! Their guests absolutely loved being invited to a wedding in such a unique way and were happy to have something so charming to mark the occasion.

For original, fun wedding invitations that none of your guests will forget in a hurry, get in touch with Fun Cushions today, or check out our website to have a look at the available designs.