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Cushions for Twins

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What is the best birthday present for twins? Well, there are quite a few options. Personalised matched gifts always are a favourite amongst the many choices available. 

If you have twins or are looking at gifting something nice for twins of a loved one, we have recently designed a set of personalised cushions for this. Our cushions can be designed for babies, young boys or girls, or even adults. We can design bespoke cushions in any customised design for you. It could be a picture cushion or a cushion with a special message or names written on it. All you have to do is follow the simple steps given on the website to create your customised cushions.

Another attractive design that we have recently introduced is Uniform cushions. Yours or your child’s uniform could be turned into a memory cushion too. All you need to do is provide the uniforms for us to turn it into a cushion. It could be a girl’s kilt or dress, shirt and shorts or blazer and shirt, tie, etc for the boys. Embroidery is bespoke per child.

There are quite a few magical and unique designs that we have done so far. Visit our website to have a look at the options.