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Create Custom Cushions with Trending Quotes

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What’s trending is always the hot topic on social media. Quotes are a trend that has been around since before Insta and FB. Be it on a mug or on a cushion, great quotes can make a seemingly simple item one of interest.
At Fun Cushions, amongst our unique selection of cushions, we have an entire section dedicated to quote cushions. If you like a particular quote and want it to be etched in your memory forever, why not keep it visible in front of your eyes through a decorative accessory like a cushion?  
They also make great gift options for intellectual souls. Trends such as the ‘Happiness is’ quotes are quite interesting and have made their way from bed sheets to mugs to anything and everything. As well as providing an element of whimsy, our cushions can also be a fantastic addition to your interior decor.
Fun Cushions has a wide variety in store for you. For cushions featuring your favourite quotes, head to the Quote Cushions section to have a look at the available templates. You can choose your own designs too and we can get those printed for you.
Our ordering process is very simple and takes no time at all. From the cushions in the theme categories choose a cushion with a suitable picture such as image/picture/logo/border etc. Modify your design to create your own cushion with your choice of fabric, colours and words.
You can also get in touch with us to create a cushion using a picture of your choice. Browse our website to see the wide variety of bespoke cushions we can make for you.