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Choose and Modify a Design from our Cushions Catalogue

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Do you like a particular design from our catalogue? You can modify the pre-existing designs in our catalogue to make your own custom cushions. While the design theme remains, you can change the particular details you would like such as names and colour combinations. It will just be an extension of the design that you have liked from amongst the numerous options available on our website.

We have a wide range of design options that we have created so far. And the categories are endless. You name it, and we are sure to have the design. Be it a wedding, anniversary, milestone celebration or even your kid’s work of art! We have done them all.

Go to our website to build a cushion - take your pick from amongst the various cushions in the theme categories and add a suitable picture which can be anything, for instance, an image/picture/logo etc. You can then modify the design to create your own cushion with your choice of fabric, colours and words.

Should you need some help with the design, we can always create a custom cushion design of your choice. If you have a particular design in mind, we can do it for you. Check out our website options or get in touch with us to design the perfect cushion!