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Children's Drawing Theme Cushions

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Every parent has their child’s first attempts at drawing safely stored somewhere as a precious keepsake. Why not turn these into something that can be shown off? Have you ever thought of creating a cushion with your child’s first art attempt? Well, you can definitely do that with us. At Fun Cushions, we specialise in turning such memories into keepsakes for you.

If you are planning to give a makeover to your child’s room, why not make them design their own cushions to add to the theme as decorative accessories? It will help your child add a personal touch to his or her space and make it all the more special.

Or if you are thinking of gifts for your loved ones, what better than such a personalised gift for grandparents for instance?

We can provide all the help you need with special designs and can make careful adjustments to the designs we receive to ensure the end product is just perfect. A choice of colors and you also have the option of putting some text on the back of the cushion, such a special message or significant date.

The process is super easy to order and pay online. If you need some ideas, we are just a call away and will help you with your design project. Get in touch with us to create the perfect personalised cushion.