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Looking for a memorable gift for your child? Why not turn a special drawing, a short story or even an essay that won an award into a beautiful memory for him or her?
At Fun Cushions we have gift-worthy cushions available for all possible occasions. Your child’s creativity can be turned into a perfect cushion too! We have templates available which you can make use of to create your cushion, or If you have a specific design in mind, we can customise it for you too. And if you have an idea you want to develop, then involve us, and we can help you create the perfect gift or memory.
Our cushions are always a hit no matter what the occasion. These will undoubtedly make one of the most memorable gifts for your kid to cherish. Our ordering process is extremely simple - we have provided a step by step guide of the design and ordering process.
Do check our website for designs and gift ideas to get inspired.